FILTRAMAS S.A. is a Spanish company founded in 1987, leader in the production of water treatment equipment. Our range of services covers from pre-treatments and water intakes, to sludge dewatering. More than thirty years of work guarantee us in developing customized solutions for problems with separating solid and liquid. FILTRAMAS S.A. has provided purification equipments in more than thirty countries, with the support of its distribution and commercial network in Europe, South America and North of Africa.

Our specialization is developed based on the acquired experience of our professionals, the constant effort and the close collaboration with our customers. FILTRAMAS S.A. continues improving new products and searching for cost-effective and reliable solutions. Any problem that may arise regarding fluid management is carefully analyzed in order to find a solution economically competitive.

FILTRAMAS S.A., on its firm purpose of improving its service, presents this catalogue which aims to be a guide of the products offered. We would like stress our recognition and appreciation for our customers, for all the attentions and help that have allowed us to continue our progress day by day.


The management team in FILTRAMAS S.A. wishes the company to occupy a leading role in the area of “Design, manufacturing control, installation and machinery assembly for water treatments”, and for this purpose implements a Quality Management System according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

FILTRAMAS S.A. commits to:

  • Meeting all requirements that apply; customer’s requirements, legal requirements, as well as any other requirements it deems necessary.

  • To guarantee a quality service, transmitting confidence to our clients.

  • To involve all levels of the organization.

  • To create channels of communication with the interested parties, gathering their suggestions and integrating them into the improvement of the organization’s processes.

  •  To provide adequate and sufficient resources for the implementation of this System and comply with this Quality Policy.

  • To continuously improve the efficiency of the Management System.

This Quality Policy establishes the reference framework in all the components of the company and guarantees its communication, understanding and application within the organization. It is also made available to all interested parties.